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Traditional Hereford Cattle

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Traditional Herefords are considered an ‘At Risk’ breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. This means they are close to becoming extinct.


This breed is able to make a lot out of a little and make amazing quality meat.

Superpower: Foraging

If there is food nearby, Traditional Herefords will find it! They are able to eat really rough grass and plants that other animals cannot and use it to grow big and strong!

Breed History

Traditional Herefords are similar to the more modern Hereford cattle but the Traditional Hereford only has the original bloodlines of the native cattle of Britain. They are more resilient than the modern Hereford and are able to survive on very rough pastures.

Our Purpose

The Traditional Hereford cattle are bred for their hardiness and ability to grow really strong even if there is not much food available. These days they are often used to cross breed to make calves hardy and strong!

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