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Bagot Goats

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The Bagot goat is considered an ‘At Risk’ breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. This means they are close to becoming extinct.


Bagot goats produce a small amount of meat and milk.

Superpower: Ability To Escape

These goats are super cheeky and don’t let fences get in the way of their fun!

Breed History

Bagot goats are one of Britain’s oldest documented goat breeds. They first appear in historical documents dated from 1389! How they came to be in Britain is unknown, but it is thought that they may have been brought during the crusades. The first recorded Bagots were kept at Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire.

Our Purpose

As Bagots are a traditional breed, they do not have one specific purpose. Their main feature is their ‘hardiness’ and their ability to survive in harsh conditions. This means they grow well on not much food so can produce meat when there is limited amounts of grass.

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