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Golden Gurnsey Goats

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The Golden Gurnsey goat is concidered an ‘At Risk’ breed by the rare breeds survival trust, meaning they are close to becoming extinct.


Golden Gurnseys are able to produce loads of delicious milk!

Superpower: Friendliness

These goats are so friendly! They love all the attention they can get especially and love a cuddle and a scratch!

Breed History

Golden Gurnsey goats are from… you guessed it, Gurnsey! They were brought to England in 1967 . The breed was almost wiped out during the Second World War when Gurnsey was occupide but a lady called Miss Miriam Millbourne hid some of her goats away and it is all thanks to her that we still have this lovley breed today!

Our Purpose

Golden Gurnseys are dairy goats, which means they produce milk! They don’t produce as much milk as more commercial breeds but can still make 2-3 litres of milk per day!

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