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Shropshire Sheep

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The Shropshire Sheep breed used to be considered ‘At Risk’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, but thanks to breeding schemes on farms like Forge Mill, the breed is no longer considered rare!


Shropshire sheep are an amazing ‘all round’ sheep and produce loads of meat and wool!

Superpower: Tree Friends

Unlike most other sheep breeds, the Shropshires don’t eat bark off trees. This means they are used in orchards and vineyards without the risk of them damaging the trees.

Breed History

The exact origins of the Shropshire sheep breed are unclear but we have a good suspicion they are from Shropshire! The breed was developed in the early 19th century. The developers of the Shropshire breed were inspired by the success of the Leicester Longwool sheep and so made their own breed using the same method of ‘selective breeding’.

Our Purpose

Shropshire sheep are used as an ‘all round’ sheep meaning they produce good meat, lots of wool and are easy to look after. They are also able to have lots of lambs in their lifetime and are known for being long lived.

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