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Alpacas are common pets here in the UK and are not rare at all!


Alpacas make a lot of wool or fibre, but it is quite slow growing.

Superpower: Guarding

Alpacas are known to be amazing at guarding chickens and young lambs from being attacked by foxes! They communicate with each other with body language and are constantly aware of their environment.

Breed History

Alpacas originate from South America where they would live high up in the mountains. There are two types of alpaca, the Suri and the Huacaya. Our alpacas are Huacaya alpacas because of there dense, crimped fleece. Alpacas are part of the ‘Camelid’ family which includes llamas and camels!

Our Purpose

Alpacas were originally used for grazing high up in the mountains of South America. They were used for their meat and their warm fleece. Here in the UK, their fleece is still used to make clothes and they guard chickens and lambs against foxes!

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