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Jersey Cattle

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Because these goats are amazing at producing milk they are found all over the world!


Jersey cattle for their size are one of the highest producers of milk.

Superpower: Ability To Escape

A Jersey cow can produce over 6,000 litres of milk a year – that is 10 times their body weight! Not only can they produce loads of milk, its super creamy and filled with more protein and calcium than milk from other dairy breeds.

Breed History

Jersey cows are a neighbour to our Golden Guernsey goats. They are from Jersey! It is thought that the first Jersey cows came to Britain in the 1700s and have been a favourite with dairy farmers here ever since!

Our Purpose

Jersey cattle are a dairy breed, meaning they are kept for their milk. Jersey cows produce special creamy milk filled with protein and minerals. Their milk is so creamy it is often used for making butter and ice cream!

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