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Boreray Sheep

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The Boreray is considered an ‘At Risk’ breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. This means they are close to becoming extinct.


Boreray sheep are not very productive, they only produce a small amount of wool and meat but that is not what makes them, special.

Superpower: Self-care

Boreray sheep are very self sufficient and even shed there own wool so they don’t need us to do it for them by shearing!

Breed History

Boreray sheep come from a place called Boreray – a very remote Scottish island. So remote that when the rest of the world started improving sheep breeds they got left behind. This means they are very close to what all sheep would have looked like thousands of years ago!

Our Purpose

The Boreray breed is very hardy, meaning they can live in very high-up and windy places like on top of mountains! Could you live on a mountain? They are mainly used to graze grass where other sheep wouldn’t be able to get to and make very tasty meat.

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