About Us

We are at the heart of the West Midlands in the Black Country, long-known for its industrial heritage. But we’re also home to 1,200 hectares of award-winning parks and green open spaces. Unexpected, perhaps, but they all add up to a range of green spaces to explore – from our ‘jewel in the crown’ Sandwell Valley in West Bromwich – to nature reserves dotted all over the borough.We look after some of the most important and interesting historic buildings in the West Midlands, where visitors can discover the fascinating stories of those who lived and worked in the Black Country – in celebration of our ‘can-do and making spirit’.On this site you can explore things to see and do in Sandwell, discover unexpected hidden gems, browse what’s on in each of our Towns and join in with our colourful and diverse calendar of festivals and events.


Sandwell Valley has remained almost intact as one estate since the middle ages. It was originally given to the monks of Sandwell Priory who created a large monastery in the park – the remains of which can still be seen today. It was eventually sold to the Earl of Dartmouth. Each earl who then inherited the estate added their own footprint – from a large stately home, designed pools, gardens, planting and landscaping to kitchen garden and farms. The Earls of Dartmouth sold the estate to West Bromwich Council in 1947.
Many historical features still exist on our walks and trails today from the Priory ruins to the original Ice House and from the historic kitchen garden to the World War II gun emplacement. Some of the smaller ponds are bomb craters from World War II. At this time the Valley was used as tank training ground.

Nature & Conservation

Sandwell Valley Country Park is home to four local nature reserves, ancient woods, lakes, animals and wildlife, and the RSPB Sandwell Valley site. Our local nature reserves include unique habitats for birds, wildlife, insects, trees as old as 250 years, and fauna and flora including rare flowers, special meadows, and more. Sandwell Valley Visitor Centre is a place for countryside education, with our own Victorian Kitchen Garden, Rabbit Village, Bug Hotel, Giant Wormery, Live Composter, Bee Hives and Bee Education Tour. Forge Mill Farm cares for Rare Breed animals, with over 300 animals currently.

The Victorian Garden

Our Victorian Kitchen Garden is home to home grown plants, fruit and veg, including those rarely produced. We also have bug hotels, a giant wormery to show how worms work, and a live composter.


Our own honey is produced by Sandwell Valley Bees, who live on site in over 10 hives at Sandwell Valley Visitor Centre. You can watch our bees doing their vital work, learn about how bees live, and buy their honey.

Rabbit Village

Whilst Sandwell Valley Park Farm can no longer house many of the traditional animals we once did, the Sandwell Valley Rabbit Village is the new home for dozens of adopted rabbits, with lots of open space, their own ‘village’ houses, and interaction areas for our trained animal welfare staff to teach children and adults about Rabbit welfare, history, and care. Our mission is to become the biggest and most rabbit friendly home for our adopted residents, and to teach visitors about good rabbit care and rabbit history.