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Tamworth Pigs

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There are less than 300 registered breeding sows in the UK, meaning the breed is classed as ‘Vulnerable’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust meaning they might become extinct!


Tamworth pigs are able to produce a lot of meat that makes pork and bacon.

Superpower: Speed

These pigs are fast! They would definitely beat our farmers in a sprint race without breaking a sweat!

Breed History

Tamworth pigs actually originated in Ireland where they were first known as ‘Irish Grazers’. In 1812 Sir Robert Peel liked these pigs so much he brought some back to his estate in Tamworth. They are now one of the oldest and purest native breeds of pig in Britain.

Our Purpose

The Tamworth pig is a ‘dual-purpose’ pig meaning they produce great pork and bacon. They are very resilient and can live outdoors all year round thanks to their thick coat. They love to eat weeds and dig up as much soil as they can!

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