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Light Sussex Chickens

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Over the years, they have been replaced by more productive chickens and are now a ‘priority’ breed for the Rare Breed Survival Trust meaning they are vulnerable to extinction.


Light Sussex chickens can lay many eggs and also
be used for meat!

Superpower: Foraging

Light Sussex chickens are amazing at foraging! They use their big claws to scratch and dig up the ground to find the tastiest treats!

Breed History

Light Sussex chickens are thought to have come from birds brought to Britain by the Romans in 43AD – that’s a very long time ago! They were then developed in Sussex and are considered to be one of the oldest breeds still in existence today.

Our Purpose

The Light Sussex chicken was developed to a be a dual purpose breed – meaning to produce both meat and eggs. Because of their smaller size and friendly nature, they are a favourite chicken to keep in backyards and gardens.

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