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Cream Legbar Chickens

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Due to the development of better egg laying breeds, the Cream Legbar became very rare, but thankfully now they are no longer rare!


Cream Legbars are able to lay loads of blue eggs!

Superpower: Egg Production

Cream leg bar chickens can lay on average 150-200 eggs per year, which is 3-4 eggs every week! The eggs are blue!

Breed History

Cream Legbar chickens were developed from a breed brought to England in the 1930s from South America. The breed was developed at Cambridge University and went on to achieve a characteristic cream colour and blue eggs!

Our Purpose

Cream Legbar chickens were bred for their egg laying ability and they are one of few chicken breeds that you can tell if a chick is a boy or a girl as soon as they hatch.

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