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Belted Galloway Cattle

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Belted Galloways used to be very rare because of the development of more productive breeds, but due to breeding programmes and their popularity due to their famous stripe they are no longer rare!


Belties produce a moderate amount of meat.

Superpower: Adaptability

Belties are able to adapt to their environment and different conditions to help forage and find food in the most inaccessible places!

Breed History

Belted Galloway cattle are also known as ‘Belties’. No one fully knows where this wonderful breed originates. Galloway cattle have been in Scotland for thousands of years. The Belted Galloway was originally helpful when moving herds of cattle in the dark as it was easier to see which way the cattle were facing because of their white ‘belt’!

Our Purpose

Belties are mainly bred for their resilience to survive in harsh conditions whilst still producing a good amount of meat and milk.

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